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Abstract Guidelines and Instructions
General Information
  • The official language of the abstract must be in ENGLISH.

  • Each presenter (mostly the main author) can submit a maximum of two abstracts. Presenting author must register and attend the conference should the submitted abstract/s are accepted.

  • Abstract must be original. If in case that the abstract has been submitted or presented in any national and international conference, the author is responsible in disclosing such information along with the submitted abstract.

  • All abstracts will be reviewed by the Peer Reviewer Committee. Announcement of the acceptance/ rejection of the abstracts will be through an email notification starting from the day of the notification of abstract decision date.

  • The abstract must be no more than 300 words. Title, Authors, Affiliation, and Key Words are excluded from the word count requirement.

  • Abstracts must be typed in Microsoft Word Format (file extension .doc). Font requirements must be Arial, Double Spacing, and Font Size 11.

  • A maximum of 2 tables or figures can be included. These are excluded from the word count requirement.

  • Type the abstract using the Abstract Template Form which can be downloaded on the website.

    • Please ensure the correct spelling and punctuation of the abstract title. The title will be published according to how it is submitted if accepted.

    • Type all the names of the author/s and co-authors of the abstract. Please include a superscript reference of the authors’ affiliation

    • Please type the information of Affiliation in the following format: Department, Institution, Town, Country

    • Abstract Body must clearly be categorized with the following:

      • Background​​

      • Methods

      • Results

      • Conclusion

    • References are not included in the word count requirement

  • Submit the abstract along with the Presenting Author Information Form which can be downloaded in the website.

  • Please send all the required forms to with the subject line : Abstract Submission_ESRSM 2022

Downloadable Materials
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